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A community for British actor Martin Freeman, best known for playing lovable loser Tim Canterbury in BBC's The Office. Martin's film credits include playing Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a small part in Love Actually and he's currently filming The Good Night with Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow. TV series past and present are the highly acclaimed The Office, The Robinsons and the marvelous mini-series Charles II. Martin is also a stage actor with several plays to pad up his resume (yes, that includes a gig with the RSC!) and does the occasional voice work. He recently starred in a new play Blue Eyes And Heels, at London’s Soho Theatre.

Random information that I have gathered, some of it objective, some of it subjective.

Martin Freeman:
- is a Jazz aficionado              - is nostalgic for the days of the British Empire
- is the youngest of five           - shares his snazzy dress sense with Jonathan Ross 
- is a practising mod               - is rather short (5'8"?)
- has brothers named Jamie and Tim  - has played characters named Jamie and Tim
- loves HBO's "The Sopranos"        - should wash his mouth out with soap
- is left-handed                    - thinks Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G.) is a big lumbering fool
- loaths the concept of celebrity   - thinks Ricky Gervais is a giggling buffoon
- is very good at Squash            - thinks Richard Curtis is the coolest person in the world

Come in make yourself comfortable. Post news, articles, pictures, interviews, websites, icons, etc. Start discussions and voice your opinions. Or just rant, gush or gossip. It's all good. If you're new here, please make a post and tell us what it is that you like about Mr. Freeman.

Artwork like icons and wallpapers are saved in the memories so check them out if you want.

Also, completely cool and completely obscure: Martin in a few short films and in a music video for a song called Bellissimo.

Click here for Martin Freeman's official website run by brother Jamie Freeman.

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